The Step Stand

The Step Stand portable ground anchoring device.

Create a shady oasis or rain shelter in just seconds! The Step Stand is compatible with patio and beach umbrellas up to 10' in diameter. The device is constructed with a pair of connection points for your pet's leash. The Step Stand becomes firmly implanted into the ground by stepping on the center rung while rocking the handles from side to side. No tools required!

The Step Stand can be used just about anywhere you can sink a digging spade into the ground. The top section of most umbrellas can be used independently and secured in the device at multiple heights. This feature enables a fully open umbrella to be lowered as the shadows of the day become longer or when seeking protection from blowing rain (see picture below). The Step Stand is compatible with sturdy umbrella shafts from 1 1/8” to 1 5/8” in diameter (or 29mm to 41mm).

Digging Stand / Step Stand Base

Digging Spade      Step Stand Base

Step Stand with and without tilting top

Step Stand
(5.3 pounds)

with tilting top
(7.7 pounds)
Elevated Clamp Position

The elevated clamp position enables the umbrella's height to be adjusted.

Resistance to tipping over: the 5.3 pound Step Stand versus a conventional 110 pound concrete umbrella stand.


The Step Stand with tilting table top accessory (With built in wine glass holder and tech-rail).

Step Stand umbrella holder
Step Stand umbrella holder
$39.99 +
FREE SHIPPING lower 48 states only
Step Stand umbrella holder plus tilting top
Step Stand umbrella holder plus tilting top
$79.99 +
FREE SHIPPING lower 48 states only

The Step Stand is fully covered by a 1 year warranty and a 90 day satisfaction guarantee

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